Victory Protects - Clear Mask

Der Unterschied zählt

- Waschbar. Victory kann im Gegensatz zu anderen typischen Stoffmasken, die mit den selben Tröpfchen angefeuchtet werden, öfter verwendet werden. Abstand halten wird immer die beste Lösung bleiben. Aber es gibt mehrere Aufgaben, welche wir erledigen müssen mit welchen es kaum möglich sein wird den bestmöglichen Abstand zu bewahren so wie in der Arbeit oder im Supermarkt. Victory ist jetzt die Lösung

Waschbar - Versteckt nicht das Gesicht - Beschlägt nicht - Wiederverwendbar - Leichtes Atmen

victory - die Entwicklung

Production Location

RKP Moldes

Rua das Lavegadas,
Armazém D  - 2445-712, Martingança, PORTUGAL

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Have the masks been tested and comproved its eficacity ?

Yes, the masks have been placed to tests - at SGS and SAGILAB. Efficacity is comproved.

Do your masks fog up? 

The masks come with an anti-fog additive. Following the instructions on the box regarding washing and preparation, they will not fog up.

I placed an order. What is the deadline?

The delivery time is according to the shipping option chosen. Accounting is for business days only. The shipping method is by CTT or UPS, depending on the choosen option.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic situation, CTT's delivery deadlines may not be 100% certain and for that we thank everyone for their understanding.

I was wrong at the shipping address. What now?

Please send an e-mail to up to 24H after your order with the subject “CHANGE OF ADDRESS”. We are not responsible for incorrect shipping addresses.

I wear glasses. Is this mask compatible?

With this mask, the tendency for your glasses to mist up is less. According to the feedback obtained, it is compatible with 90% of the faces that combine wearing glasses.

Do I need to send proof of payment?

Do not send proof. Payment is processed automatically.

I didn't pay the order and I want to cancel it

Don't worry, the order is automatically canceled, you don't need to contact us.

Resale Prices

Resale prices are from 50 boxes, only accepted for existing resale companies. Please contact for this type of order.

Client's Feedback

I'm using them and love them, they are very practical. I adapted the elastics to my face and ears.

Cidália Branco

Client's Feedback

I've bought them and love them!😀

Filipa Viegas

Client's Feedback

I loved the concept and already bought it!

Helena Caçador

Client's Feedback

I already have them, they are 5 Stars ⭐️

Cristina Candeias

Client's Feedback

I have them and they are fantastic.

Maria Alexandra